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Magnetic shielding systems

Silicon steel

Magnetic shielding limits the magnetic field (5 gauss line) emitted by an MRI scanner to protect users outside the area (e.g. when the imaging room is located against an exterior wall).

Magnetic shielding can also be used to reduce the effect of moving external objects on the MRI (e.g. moving vehicles near a building in which an MRI machine is located).


Uses of magnetic shielding

  • Magnetic shielding for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Benefits of magnetic shielding

  • Excellent performance
  • Industry-proven solution
  • SDI Canada 15-year warranty

Technical features

  • Silicon-coated steel provides magnetic protection
  • Shielding can be custom-made to accommodate the building
  • Provides protection from electromagnetic interference
  • Protects at-risk users (pacemakers) from the 5 gauss line
  • Magnetic shielding integrates well with various RF shielding systems

Compatible components

  • Manual and semi-automatic pneumatic shielded doors
  • Large, shielded window
  • RF filters and RF waveguide (research, sprinklers, ventilation, etc.)
  • Patient experience enhancement systems
  • RF shielding
  • Injector
  • Cryogenic vent