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SDI Canada has solutions for many industries

With extensive experience in the medical industry and related sectors, as well as a reputation based on the excellence of our service and innovative solutions, SDI Canada has been able to leverage, over the years, our expertise in shielding, design, construction and installation into many highly-specialized industries.

Animal healthcare

Building animal healthcare infrastructure has its share of issues and challenges. SDI Canada is specialized in the implementation of installations adapted to the needs of this special clientele.

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Behind every research breakthrough are dedicated teams that use cutting-edge technologies to advance science. This is why SDI Canada is committed to providing quality facilities to aid research efforts.

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With many security issues to address, it is important to provide physical measures at your facilities in addition to virtual measures. For this reason, we implement projects in many sectors, including defence, law enforcement and data centres.

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Since SDI Canada has been developing and marketing solutions related to the healthcare sector for nearly 20 years, we fully understand your industry’s challenges.

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