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Integrated project management

Working together for your project’s success

With integrated project management, a contractor is appointed to lead the entire project. The contractor recruits professionals and specialized contractors required for the project. Engineers, architects, specialized contractors and equipment manufacturers work together in all phases of the design and construction process. They must be accountable at each concrete stage of the project in order to ensure proper progress, as well as compliance with specifications and budget. The target can then be readjusted if issues arise Thanks to this type of management, each step is validated so that the project can remain on time and within budget.

Typical structure of project using the integrated management project method

SDI Canada, your partner for a successful integrated management project

It’s no longer a secret that the management method based on the lowest bidder is not a success approach in construction. In an effort to promote industry best practices, SDI Canada was one of the first to adopt the integrated project management method for medical construction projects in Canada. We are recognized for our collaborative approach and have developed a vast network of partners that share our values and our mission. Our ultimate goal? To provide quality infrastructure that will have a positive impact on healthcare and society. The integrated project management method makes it possible to empower all stakeholders so that they collaborate in a committed manner to achieve common objectives.