SDI Canada is retained for its services by representatives of the medical community around the globe. Architectural firms, general contractors, private institutions and government agencies all benefit from our expert knowledge of Faraday and magnetic shielding.

It is due in large part to an extremely flexible team, innovative design and the ingenuity of its installations that SDI Canada holds an enviable position in the field of designing and manufacturing magnetic and Faraday shielding systems.

Below are just a few of the many achievements of SDI Canada.

Toronto Western Hospital Toronto hospital

Project: Development of the largest magnetic resonance imaging suite for angiography in North America.

Background: When SDI Canada was given this ambitious mandate, which had originally been in the hands of competitors, it was the first integrated intra-operative shield.

Ingenuity: SDI Canada needed to distribute a load of more than 110,000 pounds of steel to assemble the magnetic shielding on the 4th floor of a 100-year-old building.

Results: Structural design of three shields and a support structure.

Year: 2004

Ville-Marie Medical Centre Ville marie medical center

Project: Construction of the first dedicated digital imaging suite located within a breast clinic.

Background: In fewer than eight weeks, SDI Canada completed a project on the 9th floor of a building in downtown Montreal. This project led to significant improvements, as it brought the site into compliance with building codes.

Ingenuity: The project was delivered ahead of time, thanks to SDI Canada’s state-of-the-art planning of the project’s engineering.

Results: Delivery of a project with high standards and tight deadlines within a brand new environment.

Year: 2006

Dubai Healthcare City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates Dubai hospital

Project: Construction of the first suite dedicated to digital imaging in Dubai.

Background: In four weeks, SDI Canada completed the construction of the largest MRI suite ever built in Dubai.

Ingenuity: Despite diplomatic complexity, SDI Canada won the trust of suppliers and local crews. All work was done rigorously and in a spirit of mutual respect.

Results: On-time delivery of an innovative medical environment.

Year: 2007

University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CHUM) Chum hospital

Project: Complete construction of nine shielding suites within the CHUM complex.

Background: SDI Canada completed the construction of nine MRI suites: a project of great complexity both in terms of ergonomic design and the building’s structure.

Ingenuity: Six of the nine MRI suites had to be located on the same floor, which translated into a load of 300,000 pounds on the 3rd floor alone.

Results: Delivery of a combination of MRI suites in strict compliance with the mandate and whose ergonomics improved the management of patients.

Year: 2013-2014-2016