About Us

Shielding for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): these words mean the world to SDI Canada.

SDI Canada is recognized worldwide for the design and manufacturing of MRI shielding systems. Operating exclusively in the healthcare field, its team delivers advanced expertise to clients around the globe.

Designer of medical environments

SDI Canada continues to raise its profile on the international market, and this comes as no surprise. Our approach strikes just the right balance between the technical rigours of engineering and the aesthetics of well thought-out structural design. SDI Canada goes far beyond simply providing a product; it designs all of its installations with the patient in mind.

An international business outlook, a focus on local hiring.

SDI Canada has no interest in following in the competition’s footsteps; in fact, it surpasses its competitors on every level. It sets itself apart by paying careful attention to detail, continually improving experiences, pushing boundaries and exceeding requirements.

The company’s approach, which has proven successful in projects around the world, has also enabled SDI Canada to develop extremely flexible methods.

Every team member understands that perfection may be elusive, but it’s always worth striving for.

Local labour is involved in the process from the outset, with the result of improved efficiency when working with contractors, both at home and abroad.

Are you interested in joining our team or discussing potential collaborations? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We offer many opportunities!